About Us

Just as juicy as a freshly picked pear from an orchard in the country, this fragrance uplifts your whole being. With its Top Notes of Sliced Apple and Ground Spice, its Middle Notes of Fig Nectar and Fresh Pear and its Base Notes of Baked Crust and Vanilla Bean, it is sure to please everyone. This explosion of amazing fragrances takes you straight to the counters of your favourite perfume store and evokes images of perfumerers, tempting you with their wares as you walk on by. A quirky mix of Spices and Woods. It's Top Notes are Green and Aquatic, the Middle Notes bring in the Florals, a hint of Jasmine and a touch of Coconut and the Base Notes are a mix of the Woody fragrances of Patchouli, Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Musk. Together these fragrances are Atomic!!

We are Melbourne based designers and after much deliberation we decided to create our Luxury Brand, Lisa & Alex.

Using both our backgrounds in design, Alex in Fashion Design and Lisa in Textile Design, we produced our range of Artisan Soy Candles showcasing our Bespoke Designs and Original Artworks.

Each candle is hand poured using sustainable 100% vegan soy wax and eco-friendly wicks. The artworks are lovingly hand painted and hand crafted by Lisa in her design studio and then digitally produced on the candle jar and packaging. 

Each box features the same design as the candle within. Our exclusive boutique fragrances are produced by using premium fragrant oils and essential oils. Our fragrances not only inspire the imagination but take you away to exotic faraway places.

And best of all, all production of our range is designed and made here in Australia, right from pouring the candle to the digital printing and the packaging.

Our featured Luxury Exotica Range is not only beautiful in its artworks but also each fragrance that compliments the art.

Be inspired and use your imagination to create your personal space with Bespoke Designer Prints and unique fragrances by Lisa & Alex.